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  • jennanicolette
  • love movies like csi, csi la. unstoppable was one of the most exciting movies I've seen recently. Can't think right now have to come back to this one.
  • 71 years old
  • Owings Mills, MD, USA
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  • bigun780
  • 38 years old
  • Statesville, NC, USA
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  • branden12
  • 28 years old
  • Rural Area, IN, USA
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  • whitewolf1210
  • Movie of the Week!!! I love to watch a good movie, especially when I'm with the woman I care about! 5 Fav. movies:One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest,Queen of the Damned, Shutter Island, Into the Blue, What About Bob?
  • 52 years old
  • Jacksonville, FL, USA
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  • navarre1
  • Actor / Extra in Movies I have been doing acting/Extras work in TV, Film and commercials for the past 10+ years. I enjoy being in from of the camera and await my Big Break to get a role with more than 1-2 role lines, as I have gotten so far.
  • 2019 years old
  • Chicago, IL, USA
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  • marcosway
  • Hi!I am originally from Argentina, I currently live in Nayarit, Mexico, close to Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful small town by the ocean. I have rentals for tourists there. I would like to meet people into nudism to share thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc. I love being a nudist at home and at some secluded beaches I often go.
  • 62 years old
  • Santa Barbara, CA, USA
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  • annata
  • 54 years old
  • Tuba City, AZ, USA
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  • stargate1959
  • Film and TV Lover The types of movies that I love are action/adventure, sci-fi, fantasy movies such as Indiana Jones, Avatar, Star Trek, Stargate, Terminator, Goonies, Superman, Die Hard, just to name a few. If you love these types of movies and more, send me an email, let's get to know each other better.
  • 59 years old
  • Charlotte, NC, USA
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  • seeksperfection
  • 43 years old
  • Easton, PA, USA
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  • twiztidklown
  • Hello. My name is Billy. I like to play video and board games. I like to camp and fish. I play golf occasionally. I build my own computers. I like to read and travel. I like to try new things. I love to laugh. Favorite movies are comedies. I am a big softy as well. I was raised to respect woman and cause them no harm. I also work on my own car if it doesn't require tools i can't afford. My style i...
  • 41 years old
  • Detroit, MI, USA
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