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Soul Food
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Soul Food

LaJoyce Brookshire
Teri, Maxine and Bird are as different as three sisters could be. Teri is beautiful and practical, a successful lawyer who has no patience for dreamers. Maxine is a happy, loving wife and mother, but wonders if she is doing anything important with her life. Bird, the youngest, runs a thriving business, while her husband, an ex-con, can't seem to buy a break.

As widely varied as they may be, all three come together to visit their mama's home every Sunday, working to put Mother Joe's delicious soul food on the table.

But when Mother Joe takes ill suddenly, her family starts to fall apart at the seams. It is up to Ahmad, Maxine's young son, who has always shared a special bond with his grandmother, to show his aunts, uncles and parents how to find the heart and soul of their extraordinary family before it is lost forever.

A movie from 20th Century Fox starring Vanessa Williams and Vivica A. Fox

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